Apothic Rose with Habanero Sauce added – are you serious?!

wpid-PicsArt_1389147236021.jpgSo, we were having a conversation about which spices should be used and when.  L and I are convinced that nutmeg has no place in mac & cheese.  Mom disagrees.  I told her it was the equivalent of putting hot sauce in the sweet wine we were drinking at the moment.  Mom laughed and said it would probably be an improvement on the wine (keep in mind she really doesn’t like anything sweet).  I was feeling particularly punchy and emboldened so I grabbed a bottle of habanero hot sauce from the fridge. I looked at mom dead-pan as I handed it to her and told her to go ahead and try it.  She, being the hot sauce junkie she is, laughed at me and proceeded to pour a good 2oz into her glass of wine.   L whipped out the camera, and I reminded her to video tape it rather than just taking stills.  Mom drank it down while we all laughed.  She said she could taste the hot sauce, but no longer could taste the wine, so it was a definite improvement.  She is a trooper… I would love to show the video here, but I promised under penalty of death not to publicize the actual video.  I can assure you it had us all laughing hysterically.

The wine we were drinking was Rose (limited release) by Apothic. L and I enjoy this dessert wine chilled but unadulterated.  Apparently mom likes her’s spiked.  Its got a nice pink color, and a sweet flavor that is not too strong (another review claims it had hints of watermelon and strawberry, but I can’t taste much in wines, so I will take her word for it).  If you like dessert wines, this is a nice cheaper bottle.  I have to admit I purchased it because of the label and because it was on clearance for $8 (when you are on a budget, you take what you can get).  It served a dual purpose though, as we not only enjoyed drinking the wine, I will be making a lamp out of the bottle.  Also, we got some pretty great laughs out of tonight’s escapades.

Happy New Year all! Drink up (with or without the pepper sauce)!!


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